How to Protect Yourself at a Sportsbook


A sportsbook is a type of gambling establishment where people can place bets on different sports. However, there are a few things to look for before placing your bet. Be wary of parlay bets and vigorish bets. These can be scams! Keep reading to find out how to protect yourself.

Beware of bookmakers

There are a variety of warning signs to be aware of when betting at sportsbooks. First, always be aware of head fakes. These are bets that disguise the bettor’s true intentions by moving the point spread. These types of bets are most common in smaller markets with lower liquidity. But they can also occur on major sporting events, such as the Super Bowl.

Beware of parlay bets

When you are looking to place a parlay bet at a sportsbook, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting into. A parlay is a series of bets with correlated outcomes. A casino, for example, might not have the obvious correlated outcomes, but if you’re planning to place a parlay at a sportsbook, you should know exactly what you’re getting into.

Beware of vigorish bets

Vigorish bets at sportsbooks are often higher than the actual odds. They apply to a variety of bets, including prop bets, total bets, and spread bets. Prop bets are bets on specific outcomes, like how many touchdown passes Tom Brady will throw or how many home runs LeBron James will hit. Unlike spread and total bets, prop bets usually have low betting limits and vig rates because they minimize the exposure of the book.

Beware of middle line bets

Middle line betting is becoming increasingly popular at sportsbooks. The success rate is increasing as more sportsbook sites join the fray. Middle bettors are able to profit from rumors of late team changes and unexpected weather changes. Nonetheless, you should be careful when placing middle bets. The Sportsbooks have the right to void your bets if they determine there is a substantial discrepancy.

Beware of proposition bets

If you’re a fan of sports betting, you know how much fun it can be to bet on the big games. However, many sportsbooks will also offer prop bets. These are bets on very specific events. These are especially common with big games, such as NFL football. However, when betting on sportsbooks, you should always make sure you research prop bets before placing a wager.

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